Have you ever thought about how many possibilities for skiing can offer a mountain fully-covered by white snow?

A ski area is supposed to be a well equipped set of slopes and lifts, run to have leisure in safety for all skiers, both beginners and experts. But all around there’s a vast and wild terrain suitable for more adventurous skiers.


Generally we talk about off-piste skiing when are moving around by lifts but we run down out of ordinary layouts, on natural un-groomed terrain. We also say Freeride referring to an imaginative and challenging way of skiing, performed without a set course, goals or rules, whose difficulty is amplified by the unsettled variables of an unknown terrain.

The essence of that is to find and trace your own path way down through an unspoiled white mantle. Freeride is something that is hard to define and is something that you feel…


No matter where you desire to go skiing, put on sealskins, get to the top and so trace your path down!

By a specific ski equipment you are able to explore the most remote and virgin spots where is it conseivable to ski. Generally a skialp route follow some hicking path walkable in summer. Sometimes you need alpinistic knowledges and it is highly recommended being guided or at least having a deep awareness about what one is going to do.

Some of the most fascinating aspect of skialp are the beautiful and unique landscape you can enjoy and of course the long journey back home skiing.



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