I might say that skiing is a wonderful pastime as well as an amazingly addictive sport!

Take lessons at every level as it is always possible to improve and there’s always another harder piste to deal with. We all need to know the theory and to practice for a long time in order to be able to do movements spontaneous and automatic. Learning is enjoyable in itself and finally it leads to greatest satisfactions.

If you apply yourself, you’ll succeed!

Is it true that experiencing evident improvements thanks to having get the most out of yourself is certainly an incomparable sensation. That will encourage you to aim for more adventure… beside, almost always we make the biggest advances when we’re feeling relaxed and happy.

As a further matter, beginner or expert, there are a few things you can do to make your ski holiday a more enjoyable and safer experience. Preparing for your ski holiday by being fit, in balance, flexible and on well-maintained equipment will help you make sure you have a great time.

Although general fitness helps a lot, a specific ski workout aims to enhance endurance, strength and balance. In this sense, things like in-line skates or playing sports such as squash and football are very useful. First-time skiers will find the sensation of standing on a moving object unusual enough and activities like skating help you get used to this feeling and make your early ski lessons a little less daunting. For more advanced skiers, horse riding and mountain biking will help to develop co-ordination and balance.

Make sure that the skis that you are going to use are serviced. This should include waxing of the bases and sharpening of the edges. When properly fixed the skis turn easier, and that expedites your learning making a significant difference to your enjoyment of the sport.

It is really important to have boots correctly adjusted as necessary to your feet. Boot flex is important as well; too stiff and they will prevent you from applying the correct techniques; too much flexibility will hinder of leading firmly of the skis.

Clothes are also key to enjoy the day on the snow. Essentially it is needed to have breathable garments to ensure the average temperature of the body and extra equipment, such as helmet and back protector for instance, to prevent you from get injured.

Skiing offers something for the whole family, and can be enjoyed into old age. Get the first trip right and you’ll probably be skiing for the rest of your life.



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