Getting yourself signed up for lessons is the best way to start skiing.

Who needs skiing lessons?

In a word, everybody. At practically any level of abilities is it desirable be guided by a professional. If in the very first days you’ll need to know mostly about general topics to make understandable the main concepts, onward your requirements will be to perfect the technique and to improve in specific fields. The more you perfect the basic skills the faster you will progress through the intermediate and advanced levels.

Who provides skiing lessons?

The ski instructor is the professional designated to give ski lessons and usually he offers his services as an affiliate of a Scuola Italiana Sci. In Italy, his activity is guaranteed by the Associazione Maestri Sci Italiani (AMSI) and the Collegio Nazionale dei Maestri di Sci which are the sole organizations appointed to train and certify  Italian Ski Instructors.

Skiing ability levels: who is a beginner, intermediate, and advanced skier?

There is a general standardization scale of skiing ability that is used for placement in ski school classes. This scale starts with “first steps” and goes to “advanced”, with a sensible degree of overlap in between. In Italy professionals base their evaluations on the textbook Sci Italiano published by Federazione Italiana Sport Invernali (FISI) where teaching is organized in three main category: bronze, silver and gold. The first one includes the rules for teaching to beginners. Although the instructor will have everything clear only after having seen you skiing, each time you’ll sign up for a lesson you’ll be usually asked about your previous experiences in skiing and other sports.

Talking about children, by now is normal to start as young as around age 4. With good instruction, many kids can ski independently on a beginner slope in just a few days. However, every skier progresses a little differently.

So be correctly advised from the start of a new activity is essential. A ski instructor is trained to teach skills that will gradually enable you to progress safely and confidently ski the whole mountain…

…Just make it happen!



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